"My Sweet Girl"

Candy was born on May 9th, 1988.  She was Susie's first and most loyal companion.  They lived alone together for several years in various apartments and finally they moved into Candy's first home with a backyard.  Candy loved playing outdoors and loved going out to visit the ranch.  On one visit she was nearly killed when she jumped out of the truck trying to get to a bull she was displeased with, and broke her leg.  Her vet wanted to amputate the leg, but Susie looked around and found Dr. Partin who was able to repair the leg with a steel pin and Candy recovered nicely.  Candy was loving and playful, but head-strong.  She was fearless and very protective of her "Mom".  Always alert, no one ever snuck up on us in her younger days. 

Over the past couple of years her little body began to betray her...she was almost completely blind and deaf, but still able to enjoy her home and her back yard.  The ravages of time finally forced us to intercede on her behalf.  With the help of Dr. Partin, Candy died peacefully in Susie's arms on December 29th, 2003, her journey in this life complete.  She will live on in our hearts until our time here is through, and we will always be grateful for the joy she brought to our lives.