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Susie's Binki Boy

Binki was born on July 4th, 1997.  He became part of our family a few weeks later and our lives were changed forever. He was so smart that we looked for ways to take advantage of that intelligence, and Susie finally decided to enroll him in a training program for pet therapy dogs. He was a natural because he loved dressing up in costumes and visiting with the people at the hospital and nursing homes. He was always ready to "go to work", and logged hundreds of volunteer therapy hours. Binki was always healthy, and when he finally got sick he didn't let us know until his time was almost up. We learned just a couple of hours before he died that he had cancer. About noon on February 10th, 2006, Binki licked Susie's face, placed his tired head in her hand and went to sleep. He leaves behind a grieving mom and a  family who loved and misses him.